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Close the Sky over Ukraine

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Ukraine needs two things:

What you can do:


No Fly Zone?

No Fly Zone

No Fly Zone changes the War

A No Fly Zone provided by the U.S. Air Force would stop Russia from bombing Ukraine.  It would save lives and help Ukraine win the war.  Control of the sky will lead to control of the ground. 


Most important war to win since WWII

Ukraine is a democracy of 44 million people.  If Putin conquers Ukraine, he will probably attempt to conquer the remaining 13 post-Soviet states.  Their population is approximately 110 million people.  We must not let Putin kill them and destroy their homes.  The war must end in Ukraine. 


Taiwan is an independent country from China.  On February 4, 2022, Putin recognized Taiwan as part of China.  China has ambitions to retake Taiwan.  If Ukraine falls, it has the potential to embolden China to attack Taiwan.  Taiwan has 23 million people. 


44 million + 110 million + 23 million = 177 million


The lives of 177 million people rely on Ukraine defeating Russia. 


Ukraine agreed to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

In 1994, Ukraine had the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world.  The United States and Russia convinced Ukraine to give up their nuclear weapons in exchange for security assurances and a small amount of cash.  President Bill Clinton signed for America.  The agreement was called the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances.  All signors would recognize Ukraine’s sovereignty and existing borders.  Ukraine made good on its end of the deal.  It delivered approximately 1700 nuclear weapons to Russia.  Russia has violated its agreement by invading Ukraine.  If the US does not defend Ukraine, we cannot ask other countries to abide by nuclear non-proliferation. 


America needs to donate fighter jets

Ukraine needs the weapons to defend themselves.  With the proper aircraft, Ukraine can stop Russia.   

Donate Jets

Get Local News Directly from Ukraine

Wire donations
Pettio Congress

The official government website of Ukraine has detailed updates on the war that go beyond what you see on the major news networks.  It provides a summary of Russian troop activities so you can get a better understanding of Russia.  It highlights contributions its citizens are making.  There is a fundraising section where you can get the wiring instructions to wire donations directly to the Ukrainian Army. 


To read the site, you will have to translate Ukrainian to English.  To do this, use Chrome.  When you get to the website, right click and select Translate. 

Visit the site:

Wire Donations to the Ukrainian Army

  • Go to the donation page for the Ukrainian Army:


  • Translate the page to English.  (use Chrome, right click, translate)

  • Pick the entity you want to help. 

  • Locate their account number and swift code.

  • Log into your bank's website.

  • Initiate a wire transfer online.  

  • Enter the swift code, also known as a BIC (bank identifier code).  

  • Enter the account number and details.

  • Submit

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Petition Congress

Each American is represented by two senators and one person in the House of Representatives.  With a quick google search, you can locate your representatives.  Contact them via their websites urging support for Ukraine.  Email President Biden

Join the Army

Join the Ukrainian Army

  • Go to the foreign legion page for the Ukrainian Army:  

  • Translate the page to English.  (Use Chrome, right click, translate)

  • Follow the 7 steps.

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