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Convert your Pilot Logbook from Paper to ForeFlight


You are a mortgage company, right?  Why logbooks?

We got hit hard by Hurricane Ian. Mortgage sales went slack.  To keep our staff busy, we started converting logbooks for pilots from paper to digital.  Whether you are a CFI, airline captain, or private pilot, we can convert your paper logbook to a excel/csv file that you can import into the ForeFlight digital logbook.  

Fast Service

Our staff is available today to start working on your logbook.  We will get the job done fast so that you can start filling out airline job applications. 

Save Time

We enter your logbook information into an excel/csv spreadsheet, saving you countless hours of work.  You will upload this file into your ForeFlight logbook under the import tab.  Your flights will appear.  Take photos of your logbook and share them with us using google drive, drop box, or icloud.  If you don't have a file sharing service, we can send you a link.  

Get a Price Quote

Thanks! We’ll send you a price quote shortly.

Student Pilot Myself

I'm working on getting my private pilot license.  Someday, I hope to fly to Key West.  I currently have 21 hours of flight time.  My flight instructor still occasionally screams when I try to land.  

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