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Volunteer to Fundraise
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Fundraise for the Ukrainian Army

Do your part to stop Russia.  Together we can win the war.

You can volunteer as a fundraiser by hosting a booth at grocery store, motorcycle rally, hardware store, gas stations, mall, county fair, or anywhere you can think of.  You can raise money at your job or school.  If you are a restaurant owner, you could have a special meal where $5 of every sale goes to Ukraine.  If you are a busines owner, you could have a special product that sells for a bit more and donate part of the proceeds to Ukraine.  All fundraising ideas are welcome.  If we all donate, Ukraine will have the funds they need to purchase anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons.  Together we can win the war.

The advantage of working with Odom Mortgage is you can utilize our payment collection system.  Accept  donations by Zelle or credit card.  With Zelle, 100% of funds collected will reach the army.  For credit card donations, the credit card companies deduct as small processing fee.  The remaining funds will be sent to the army.  We cover the $45 international wire charge.    

If you would like to help with fundraising, contact us today.  We are  also looking for fundraising managers that will help coordinate fundraising.  It is a volunteer position that will teach and train new volunteers.  We might need a Ukrainian translator.  If you speak Ukrainian, please send us your name.  

I made the first donation of $1200 last week.  Join the fundraising effort today!

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