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I grew up hunting and fishing in Alaska.  The cold weather is brutal.  I started out on YouTube looking for a better place to live.  I typed in the names of various cities and watched videos of people driving around.  From the videos, I could see what the terrain was like.  I noticed that the palm trees were bigger in Fort Myers than other places. 

I was working full time.  On the weekend, without telling my boss, I flew to various cities to check them out.  I was back at work on Monday morning as if nothing had happened.  I visited Socorro, New Mexico, Corpus Christi, Texas, and Cape Coral, Florida.  Cape Coral was by far the best place.  I gave my employer 4 weeks notice that I was quitting and relocating to Florida.  

For the past 10 years, I have been a loan officer in Cape Coral.  I am readily available to answer your questions and show you all of your loan options.  We will figure out how much you qualify for.  You will learn what the estimated monthly payment will be for different sales prices.  As you shop for homes, I will calculate the monthly payment for them.  You can contact me on the weekend with your questions.  If you don't qualify today, I will show you what you need to work on.  With a little effort, everyone can own a home someday.

Matt Odom

Matt Odom

Call Matt 239-900-9001

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